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DRIVING SCHOOL BATTERSEA (SW11) Leading driving school in Battersea, South West London 

As the leading driving school in South West London we provide expert driving tuition to students in the Battersea area. We offer standard and automatic driving lessons providing friendly professional driving tuition from experienced, qualified instructors who will help you relax and enjoy your lessons. 
Whether you’ve just received your provisional licence, or you’ve already had some driving lessons and been unsuccessful in your test, we’ll help you ditch those L-plates for good. Our professional DSA-licensed driving instructors, in Battersea, are focused on helping you to achieve driver proficiency as quickly and safely as possible. 
The following core driving competencies (see The Highway Code) highlight some of the knowledge and skills that you will need to acquire in order to pass your practical driving test in the Battersea area. These include: Overtaking, Reversing, Roundabouts, Road Junctions, Pedestrian Crossings. 
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There are several good location to practice overtaking in the Battersea area. For example, along Battersea Park Road, Nine Elms Lane or Wandsworth Road where slower moving or stationary vehicles can be overtaken safely. The Highway Code details the necessary procedures for overtaking 
For example, “before overtaking one should make sure that the road is sufficiently clear ahead, road users are not beginning to overtake you and there is a suitable gap in front of the road user you plan to overtake.” 
Take for example the area to the North of Battersea Park Road adjacent to Lombard Road (B305) leading to Westbridge Road. If you need to practice reversing here the smaller side roads off Battersea High Street present many a safe place to practice your reversing. However, remember that sometimes it is easier to drive around the block than try to execute a reversing maneuver or 3-point-turn in a narrow residential road. Also keep in mind that 
Remember, “you must not reverse your vehicle further than necessary.” 
Take for example the roundabout leading to Wandsworth Bridge - bounded by Swandon Way, York Road, Bridgend Road, and Trinity Road. This is a particularly large and busy roundabout adjacent to Wandsworth Town and very close to British Rail Station. 
Remember, “when reaching this roundabout one should give priority to traffic approaching from your right, check whether road markings allow you to enter the roundabout without giving way, watch out for all other road users already on the roundabout and look forward before moving off to make sure traffic in front has moved off.” 
This junction is controlled by traffic lights. However, it does not have a boxed junction which can cause added complications for vehicles accessing and exiting this junction. 
However, “one must stop behind the white ‘Stop’ line across your side of the road unless the light is green. If the amber light appears one may go on only if one has already crossed the stop line or are so close to it that to stop might cause a collision.” 
This route passes a number of different types of pedestrian crossing including Pelican Crossing, Toucan Crossing, Puffin Crossing and Equestrian crossings and presents an excellent new driver learning environment for practicing the rules of The Highway Code associated with Pedestrian Crossings . 
For example, "one should take extra care where the view of either side of the crossing is blocked by queuing traffic or incorrectly parked vehicles. Pedestrians may be crossing between stationary vehicles.” 
Nearest Test Centres to Battersea 
Morden, Sutton, Tolworth are the nearest local Practical Test Centre for learner drivers ion the Battersea area. 
Our Driving School in Battersea 
Fulham Driving School is a leading Driving School based in Fulham and covering Fulham and other South London areas. We offer friendly and professional driving tuition from experienced, qualified instructors for either standard or automatic vehicles. Our instructors have earned an excellent reputation for their unhurried, patient approach to driving tuition, which has helped us achieve an excellent 1st-time driving test pass rate. 
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