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Fulham Driving School – Terms and Conditions 
These terms and conditions govern the services that Fulham Driving School Limited (“we” “us” “our”) will provide you and that you will purchase from us. Our company registered number is 07002710. We reserve the right to revise these terms and conditions at any time without notice to you but will endeavour to bring any change to your attention where possible. 
Your Obligations 
1. To book lessons with us you must ensure that you meet all relevant legal and medical requirements to drive, in particular: 
a. You must hold a current and valid, provisional UK Driving Licence; and 
b. If you have any medical conditions that we should be aware of, it is your responsibility to bring this to our attention when booking the driving lessons or to advise your instructor before starting your first lesson. 
You’ll need to read a number plate from a distance of: 
20 metres for vehicles with a new-style number plate 
20.5 metres for vehicles with an old-style number plate 
2. If you do have any medical condition which reasonably effects your handling of a motor vehicle or you do not meet the legal requirements, and you failed to advise us of the same, we reserve our right to cancel your lesson and any subsequent bookings with any refund being subject to our cancellation policy set out below; 
3. You are responsible for any belongings that you bring with you to a driving lesson and neither we nor your instructor will be responsible for those belongings. 
4. You are also responsible for any damage to the vehicle resulting from your acts, omissions or misuse. 
You and Your Instructor 
5. The contract for your driving lessons is between you and your instructor who is a self-employed franchisee of Fulham Driving School Limited. 
6. You and your instructor, who is a self-employed franchisee of Fulham Driving School Limited, are responsible for arranging payment and receipts, block bookings and for making arrangements such as lesson dates, duration, pick up and drop off location and so on. 
7. If payment is made to our main office, we will provide a receipt on request. 
8. If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with your instructor, you should seek to discuss this with your instructor in the first instance. If you are unable to resolve your differences, please contact us at so that we may try and assist in seeking a resolution. 
9. If you wish to change your instructor for any reason, then subject to the cancellations provisions below, we will reasonably seek to accommodate your request. 
10. We reserve the right to change your instructor if the instructor you booked your lesson with is unavailable to carry out your lessons due to any unforeseeable circumstances, in particular in relation to Block Bookings and Intensive lessons. Your instructor will advise us if this is the case, and we will arrange the transfer to a new instructor. 
Our Obligations 
11. You may contact Fulham Driving School at office@fulhamdrivingschool.comif you have any concerns in connection with your lessons or your instructor. 
12. Your instructor will have the appropriate insurance for you to drive the instructor’s car during your lessons and / or driving test. 
13. Our instructors will seek to determine lesson locations which ensure the public safety and your safety as well as enable you to get the most out of your lesson. 
Bookings and Payments 
14. The minimum lesson time is one hour for an introductory lesson and 1.5 hours for all other lessons 
15. Unless a block booking is purchased, lesson prices are subject to change at our discretion. You will be advised of any price increase at the earliest opportunity and in any event no less than one week before your next driving lesson. 
16. Payments made directly to us, as agents for your instructor, will only be refunded by cheque regardless of the method of payment. 
17. Any payments that you make directly to your instructor will be refunded to you by your instructor, and we will not be responsible for any shortfall owed to you by the instructor. We will however help you with resolving any discrepancies that are brought to our attention, as long as you can provide us with receipts for payments made by you so that we may properly check any discrepancy. 
18. We may deduct from any refund that is agreed any sum that is payable by you to us or the instructor including, without limitation, cancellation of block bookings or lessons. 
Block Bookings 
19. You can purchase block bookings of 10 / 12 / 20 driving lessons. Once purchased, you are committed to the full number of driving lessons purchased in your block booking. 
20. The price for block bookings will be at a discounted rate dependent upon the number of lessons that you purchase from us. 
Block bookings may be transferred to another instructor upon our consent and appropriate arrangements being made with the instructors. 
21. Any block booking must be used within 6 months of purchase, and you are not entitled to a refund for any lessons that are not booked and used within this 6-month period. 
22. If you wish to cancel a block booking, you will be entitled to a refund calculated as follows: 
a. If the cancellation is made after some lessons in the block booking have been taken, we will charge you the difference between the full price and the discounted price of each lesson taken as well as a cancellation fee equivalent to 20% of the total block booking price. 
b. If the cancellation is made before any lessons are taken we will charge you a 20% cancellation fee, to compensate us for our administration costs, processing costs and the termination of the block booking. 
23. The prices for block bookings may be increased if you do not take all the lessons in that block booking within 6 months of payment. 
24. Where we have agreed in advance a time for a block booking or advanced driving lesson, we will not be able to refund to you any lesson that is scheduled for a time within a two-week period from you seeking to cancel that lesson. This is because the instructors schedule their time and once booked in their diary the time is allocated to you and it is not normally possible to reallocate that time on less than two weeks’ notice. 
Introductory lessons 
25. We offer introductory lessons of 1 hour at the discounted rate of £15 for beginner drivers with no previous driving experience. 
26. The rate offered is at the discretion of the instructor. 
27. if you cancel or fail to attend an introductory lesson the introductory rate will not be offered again. 
Driving Test 
28. Our test fees are £80 for a manual car and £90 for an automatic car which includes a one-hour driving lesson before your test 
29. It is your responsibility to let us know the date, time and test centre of your driving test. 
30. It is your responsibility to ensure that you bring your provisional licence to the driving test. 
31. We reserve our right to refuse your use of our vehicles in a driving test if we, or the instructor, reasonably believe that doing so would place you, your instructor or members of the public in danger. 
32. We are not responsible for any tests which are cancelled by the DVSA for any reason. The fee payable to us will not be refunded to you. 
33. We will seek to ensure that all cars used for test and lesson purposes are road worthy. However, we cannot be held liable for any faults that occur with the car during your test or any loss arising from that. 
34. If your instructor does not feel that you are ready for your test due to your skills or abilities, the instructor will advise you at least two weeks in advance and discuss this with you as appropriate. This will enable you to change the date of your test to a later date. If you wish to proceed with your test against your instructor’s advice, we may refuse your use of our vehicles. 
Accidents and Contraventions 
35. Your instructor will advise you of the safest route during lessons. It is for you to drive sensibly and in accordance with the Highway Code and relevant legislation. 
36. If you fail to follow your instructor’s advice, we will not be responsible for any penalty charge notices for road traffic contraventions, including but not limited to, penalties and/or fines received for: 
a. Stopping in a junction box; 
b. Driving above the speed limit; or 
c. Failing to stop at a red traffic light; 
and these will be passed to you when the penalty charge notice is received and relates to a contravention which took place during your driving lesson with us. 
37. Whilst your instructor will carry the relevant insurance, in the event of a Road Traffic Accident (“RTA”), you will be responsible for reimbursing us for losses not covered by our insurance including: 
a. Any insurance excess payable as a direct result of the RTA; 
b. Any loss that our insurers do not cover because of your actions; and 
c. Any loss of earnings caused to us as a result of cancelling or rearranging lessons due to the RTA. Any such losses will be limited to cancellations made on the same day. 
38. Once we agree and offer you a refund in writing, we will take up to 30 days from our written confirmation to process repayment to you. 
Fulham Driving School Ltd 
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